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A Change of Scene for Children and Animals

Providing sanctuary for rescued animals and children

Our Story

This is just the start.....

In the Beginning

Registered in 2011 while in Lincolnshire we are now active in Norfolk. We had a little glitch when our site was put up for sale in the first year meaning we had to move as we could not afford to buy.  This meant the charity went on hold for a while.  However when contacted to take in some unwanted ponies the charity quickly rented a field and become active again. The founder sold her house and set up using her own resources to find rent, fencing materials together with farrier costs and materials to build temporary shelters.   Starting with only 2 ponies we have already increased to 10 ponies, two donkeys, 3 sheep, 6 alpacas, 3 pigs, one tortoise, one house rabbit and many chickens ducks and geese.  We are becoming known and we know our animal numbers could increase very quickly!