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Non Uniform Donation

Posted on 24 October, 2016 at 5:50 Comments comments (0)

This weekend we were handed a bag containing £130 raised by the children at Fakenham Junior School for a non uniform day.  This was the idea of one of their pupils who has been visiting us on a regular basis for several months.

She is moving away to Lincolnshire, but hopefully will be visiting us on her return visits every month or so.  The Headteacher at the school wanted to make her last day at the school a positive happy one and this was something she wanted to do.  As a result we will be going along to the school in the new term to talk to the children about what we do and see if anyone else wants to come along and visit or support us.

We are so grateful and will miss our little friend who said goodbye to all the animals before she left to start the next happy chapter of her life.

We all wish her the very best of luck and happiness.


Posted on 7 October, 2016 at 6:55 Comments comments (0)

At the first meeting of the club the young people enthusiastically arrived with their sub money of £3 to sit down and plan what sort of activities they would like to do, before taking a walk around the village to help shut in the charity’s chickens and say good night to the ponies and donkey. A few parents came too.


The ages ranged from 4 to 12 with the older children helping the younger ones to read what they needed to. They also helped with climbing gates and pushing wheelchairs across bumpy fields to visit the animals.


The children decided to meet once a fortnight and have planned all their activities from now until Christmas with lots more ideas for the New Year too.


They have all gone away with paper to design their own membership card, which will be voted on at the next meeting and a few have decided to make up posters to advertise the club to their friends


Meeting Topics until Christmas.



Friday 7th October; How to look after a pony


Friday 21st October; All about Halloween & making pumpkin lanterns.


Friday 4th November; Sausages, Marshmallows and Bonfire


Friday 18th November; How to win at Dog Shows & Handling Your Dog


Friday 2nd December; Looking after Chickens & Small animals


Friday 16th December; Wear a Christmas Jumper & Make Natural Decorations



Soggy Harvest Moon Festival

Posted on 6 September, 2016 at 8:40 Comments comments (0)

It was our Harvest Moon Festival on Saturday 3rd September well.... the morning was dry while we set up and started the music at about 12 noon then the heavens opened and it just rained and rained until we finished at abour 8pm!!!  Although a good time was had by all those who did brave the weather, it did put people off coming, so gate numbers were lower than last year, but the music was great .  All our talented musicians support us so well and we love them for it. 

Here is a little video made by one of our musicians which we did not even know was being done.

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The atmosphere was brilliant and all the lovely stallholders and musicians have said they will come again next year.  We have had offers of party tents for next year - just in case - and an opportunity to put another little event on early next year all within a large marquee so weather will not matter.

Huge thank you to everyone who helped before during and after the event.  As I have said before we could not do any of this without support.  Our animals and youngsters are very grateful.  

Busy weekend

Posted on 25 August, 2016 at 11:25 Comments comments (0)

Last weekend saw not one but two fund raising events orgaised to benefit our charity.  

First was an evening of Clairvoyance with 3 mediums and 60 people attending.  

It was a fantastic evening with volunteers manning the doors, making tea and selling raffle tickets.  Lots of interesting information came out with a few puzzled faces!!!  it was so popular another is to be organised for October so don't miss out again and keep a look out ontwitter or facebook. The evening made the charity over £300 and thanks must go to the Mediums, Mandy and her team for making it such a successful event.

The second event was A Dog Show at Fakenham Racecourse run by Hempton Dog Training Club.  Every year they organise one and nomiinate two charities to receivethe funds.  We shared that honour with Rebeccas Wishes and it was such a good event we will be receiving £500.  So grateful thanks to the organisers and the lovely Lisa Person who will be coming along to judge our little Fun Dog Show on 3rd Sept at Harvest Moon Festival.  

It really feels like we are turning a corner and this next 12 months will see lots of interesting developments.


Donkey update & Festival

Posted on 20 July, 2016 at 9:10 Comments comments (0)

The Donkey Care Day run by The Donkey Sanctuary was very interesting and it has stopped me worrying quite so much about certain elements of care.  It has however only made us even more determined to get another donkey because they are so appealing and funny.  

The first Sat after the course a couple of visitors came for a few hours and we started setting up a donkey/pony agility course!!  Donkey, who has never done anything like this before as far as we know, had no intention of doing any of it, in fact he would not even walk with a head collar on. So first job is to get him to walk with a head collar and one of our young chaps spent nearly an hour persuading him to do that with a little success.  He is very keen to do it all over again next time he comes so I had better get James a bit more used to the head collar before then!!  The ponies were slightly more keen and little Arnie, the Shetland was actually jumping over small poles by the end with a few of the girls leading - so great success and very enjoyable.  

Plans are well underway for this year's festival.  The licence has come through and stalls are starting to book.  The music slots are all filled already and banners and posters are being printed as I type.  If anyone interested in coming along please get in touch and we are always looking for sponsors or raffle ticket buyers.

 This year one of our volunteers has offered to run a Fun Dog Show during the day of the festival to encourage more people to come along.   This could be interesting and we hope it will be a great success and promote Hempton dog Training Group too.

Donkey Training

Posted on 1 July, 2016 at 11:00 Comments comments (0)

The training is for myself and one volunteer - not the donkey!!!   We are attending a session in July organised by The Donkey Sanctuary to update and refresh our donkey husbandry knowledge.  This has been prompted by the need to find James, our lovely donkey , a donkey friend.  At the moment he is great friends with Puzzle our native cob, but this is not ideal as Puzzle will stay out in all weathers including the rain and donkeys really should not get too wet!  

So we will be keeping a look out for any donkey needing a home and hopefully he/she will become great friends and be able to be together in a paddock with a shelter and allow Puzzle to go off to another bigger paddock with the other ponies.


Posted on 13 May, 2016 at 6:45 Comments comments (0)

Plans are well underway to start the COSClub in September.  This will be a club for young people to come along and carry out activities relating to animal care, rural skills, and the environment.  

The first meeting will be on 23rd Sept 7.00pm - 8.30pm and a programme of activities will be published for the first few meetings then the youngsters will have had a chance to dicuss what sort of ativities they would like to do for the year ahead and a programme for the year will be put together.  

We want the young people to take responsibility for the club and run it with our help and support.  

Newest Residents

Posted on 6 May, 2016 at 9:25 Comments comments (0)

7th March 2016


Since Sooty came to us at the end of last year, we have taken in three little Shetlands from the same family Grandmother Daughter and Granddaughter.


They are a sweet and pretty little group but youngest is still a little unsettled as she has spent her whole life with one human so not too sure of other people. We have moved them to their own little paddock so we can get to know them and they are not too unsettled by the other ponies. Managed to brush grand mother and mother starting to trust us, but grandaughter will take a little more time.