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Posted on 13 September, 2018 at 10:05

Here at Nanny P’s we have rescued animals living with. They are cared for by the small charity set up by a lady who tries to help make the life better for animals. Through stories about the animals she hopes it will help people to understand them. A bit like learning about different lifestyles of different humans around the world. Animals just live differently to humans.

Summer Picnics & Ponies

One of the rescued animals is Sooty the Fell Pony. He is gentle friendly and loving when given love and care. He loves food and will gladly eat anything he is given, even when he shouldn’t!! Just like some people.

He can be a bit naughty and will escape his field if he can during the winter when he sees the gamekeeper filling the pheasant feeders.

While he is in his own winter field, people from the village visit and give him carrots which of course he loves. He sometimes chases the other ponies away if he can, but he usually only with one other in case they get too rough with each other.

One particular lady and her children fed Sooty carrots throughout the winter last year.

Now this summer Sooty and the other ponies have had use of a lovely big field with a stream running through it. They have all been very happy with enough grass to eat, shade under the big tree, water to drink and cool down in as well as space to get away if they did not feel like they wanted to be too close to each other.

The field has a footpath running alongside the stream and through the field. People are able to walk through and enjoy the sights of the wildlife in the stream and field as well as watch the ponies grazing happily.

One day the lady who fed Sooty during the winter took her children into the field to say hello, but also took a picnic. She thought it would be lovely to sit by the stream under the willow tree and eat their picnic.

You may be already be thinking about what happened. Sooty remembered the lady from the winter carrot feeding and decided to go and see if she had any, but of course there were other ponies who may have got there before him! He decided to run towards the lady and her little children to get there quickly. This frightened the lady as not only was Sooty running towards her but the other ponies started to also. Of course the lady then realised she was in their field with no gate or fence between her and Sooty.

She ran out very quickly because she got scared and thought Sooty was going to run into them and knock them over. He just wanted carrots!

Now Sooty did not mean to be scary and he certainly would not want to hurt anyone especially someone who feeds him carrots, he just didn’t want anyone else to have them – just like some children I know. The sad thing is that the lady did not understand what she had done and so gets cross and tells Nanny P’s and the charity off for putting the ponies in the field. She forgot that it was actually the ponies’ field and she was just visiting. As well as having food!

So everyone please remember most animals who are fed by humans will react like this, dogs, cattle, sheep if they think there is food being given out especially if they know the human too.

If you walk through a field with ponies, sheep, cattle or alpacas in please just walk straight through, keep to the footpath and remember you are in the animals’ home, not in yours, there may be no fence to protect you if they get boisterous. If you encourage them towards you on purpose or by accident they will not act the way you think. Each animal will behave differently, but most get surprised if a stranger walked into their home, much like you would if someone or some animal walked into your home. If you like your food and someone walked into your home with cake you may well want some just like Sooty wanted carrots, but ponies and other animals do not always wait to be asked – a bit like some people I know!

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