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Monday 26th November

Posted on 27 November, 2018 at 0:30

Am going to start putting up a diary of daily activities.  Maybe not every day but as often as I can remember.

This morning I had an office day while MC did the rounds and fed everyone.  Now the ponies are back in the village for the winter I am always on tender hooks that Sooty may have decided to break out and visit the surrounding fields overnight.   Mind you we have put up an electric fence infront of the old fence so hopefully this will keep him from being tempted to push his way through until we can raise enough money to pay the £1500 for a new post and wire fence put up by professional so properly tensioned.  

Anyway they all stayed put for another day and happily eating.  Two of the smaller ones are keeping their eyes on the shed though as they know there is food in there.  Can only hope they do not work out the combination for the lock!!!" target="_blank">http://

After doing the Thorpe rounds MC went to the pigs to bang in a couple of fence posts as Betty and Beatrice have been snuffling their way underneath to try and get to the brambles on the other side.  I wish we could find them a wood land area nearby It would be so lovely for them rather than a very muddy enclosure!!  If anyone has an area of wood they want cleared we have two friendly piggies who would be very happy to do the job.

I spent the day on the computer sending out messages to facebook friends to try persuade them to buy raffle tickets with a degree of success. We need to fund raise a lot.  Thank you Facebook Friends.  We have some fantastic prizes and will be linking any donors of prizes websites with ours as soon as I can get to it. 

Also posting another fantastic photo of one of our alpacas Cristal who is available for sponsorship.  I have to now put her on website along with the others. (Just click on the webstore page)  

I started sending out letters to solicitors who deal with wills, together with our leaflet suggesting people may like to leave our charity a legacy.  It is a difficult subject to talk about, but many charities obtain a large proportion of income from legacies, which can be substantial and make a huge difference to the services, facillities and growth of the charity.  It is something I have been meaning to do for quite a while.

Off to do a bit more knitting - Just started an alpaca yarn sock for a youngsters. Not sure what size yet until I finshed it!!

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