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Hand knitted 100% Norfolk Alpaca Bed socks


We have talented four needle knitters, producing these beautiful 100% alpaca bed socks. They are a perfect gift for those individuals who in the past have said “I can not wear wool it makes me itch” and “ my feet are always freezing”

These socks will keep your feet toastie all winter without having to be washed as they naturally repel bacteria, so ideal for keeping feet warm while relaxing in front of the fire, TV or in bed avoiding your partner shouting at you because “Your feet are freezing”.

Mind you the socks are so soft you may find yourself wearing them in your wellies too. They take a little time to knit so allow two weeks between ordering and taking delivery. We have a few in stock but maybe not your size.

Sizes child, small Shoe size 4 - 5, medium6 - 7 and large 9 -….

Prices Start at Child £15 Adult £20 4–7 Adult large £25 

If you do feel the need to wash them, gentle hand is best Dry flat, not near direct heat – do not tumble as it is the agitation that will ruin them.


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