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Providing sanctuary for rescued animals and children

A few of our success stories


An 8yr old came to us on regular basis for a couple of months after visiting with a group.  He was trying to deal with sudden death of his father, and living with a mother who also struggled.  Although very chatty on the face of it he constantly worried about his mum feeling he needed to take on the responsibility. When he was on site he would forget a little of that and concentrate on caring for one of the ponies who allowed him to groom for ages while he chatted to him.  He also brought the pony treats and talked about his time with the ponies when at school.   He planted and tended his own flowers which he could cut and take home as well.  This gave him a little time each week to relax with no pressures and just enjoy himself.  He has now secured a place at a specialist boarding school, visiting home at weekends and doing well.

  • A youngster from the local school was struggling to find a work experience placement. He was also quite shy and quiet, only really coming to life when around animals.   He had recently had to move from much loved family farm with lots of space and horses to ride, due to death of a parent.  He came for two weeks and slowly started to chat about life and what he would like to do which helped back at school to steer him in the right direction for work after school.

  • A young teenage carer who’s mother referred him to us so he could get out in the fresh air and learn a little about the environment.  He is also home educated so does not have a ‘normal’ structure to his day or week and gets little time out of the house.  In the time he has been coming we have picked apples and blackberries which have been taken home and cooked; taken ringed bird to RSPB to identify and fill in report; groomed ponies despite being slightly allergic; grown flowers and tomatoes; collected animal feed from suppliers; climbed gates; walked around the field and an orchard identifying apples.  None of this involved a computer, tablet or electronic game and although he sometimes struggles with the physical side of the tasks he goes home having been in the fresh air and exercising for a few hours each week. All activities involved conversation about the task in hand or life in general, giving time to explore other points of view and individual impact on the environment.

  • Our first pony was left in a field and had, we think, been attacked by dogs.  He is fully recovered and World Horse Welfare took him in.  He was then sent out to several homes, but was not happy and returned until we came along.  He now has a forever home, lots of love and has developed such a trusting relationship with us all he even allows our lovely rescued labrador into his field without being scared or charging towards him.

  • Nelson has only one eye after being hit with a bridle resulting in the eye having to be removed.  From this he was a little nervous and is also getting on in years.  After being with us over 9 months he now voluntarily comes to us and our visitors for a hug and a brush.  Such a lovely pony and so rewarding.

  • We have taken in quite a few ex Bat Chickens who are all now completely free range and have grown their feathers back, looking healthy and happy, their characters have developed to make us laugh.

  • One of our Badger face Rams who has been with us for a year now has once been arrested because he was caught ‘rampaging’ in the local village.  The local police were amazing and actually put him in the back of the car!! to drive him home. He looked rather sorry for himself and was the talk of the police station for a few days!  The police now keep an eye on all our animals every time they go past, for which we are very grateful.